These are old dates of where I've been to so far in 2016. This was my first year ever touring in the South. There was delicious BBQ, great hospitality, and some surprising racism! Only a little, not to the stereotypical sense that people advertise (one dude yelled "China man" at my Filipino face!) Most of all, I've loved meeting all kinds of people and learned that everyone generally is similarly just trying to figure out life and be happy, at least the folks who go to comedy shows. 

Holler at me in the comments or on social media if you were at any of these shows:

1.9.16 PianoFight San Francisco Sketch Festival

1.11.16-1.17.16 Laugh Factory, Las Vegas, NV

*1.21.16 University of West Florida, Pensacola, FL

1.28-1.31 Mother Mary's, Fresno, CA

*2.3.16 The University of Tampa, Tampa, FL

*2.4.16 Winthrop University, Winthrop, SC

*2.5.16 University of North Carolina, Charlotte, NC

*2.10.16 High Point University, High Point, NC

*2.18.16 Florida Atlantic University, FL

2.20.16-2.22.16 NACA Nationals 2016, Louisville, KY

2.24.16 Private Show, Roseville, CA

2.27.16 Robinson Rancheria, CA

2.29.16 West Side Comedy Theatre, Santa Monica, Just For Laughs Showcase CA

3.1.16 El Sobrante, CA

3.2.16 Clayton Valley Bowl, Concord, CA

3.3.16 Comedy off Broadway, Oakland,CA

3.4.16 The Ledger Hotel, Mokelumne Hill, CA

3.7.16 *TV TAPING, Sacramento, CA

3.9.16 Casino, Sequim, WA

*3.10.16 University of Washington Tacoma, Tacoma, WA

3.16.16-3.20.16 Hilarities, Cleveland 

*3.22.16 St. Leo University, Tampa, FL

*3.31.16 University of Michigan, Dearborn, MI

*4.1.16 University of South Alabama, Mobil, AL

4.7.16 Laugh's Unlimited, Sacramento, CA

*4.9.16 Witchita State University, KS

4.15.16 Empire in the Air Gallery, San Francisco, CA

4.16.16 Brewsters, Galt, CA

4.19.16 Cheroot Lounge, Modesto, CA

4.21.16 Thumbprint Cellars, Healdsburg, CA

4.22.16 Frank's Palace, Fresno, CA

4.24.16 Laugh's Unlimited, Sacramento, CA

*4.26.16 Johnson & Wales University, Denver, CO

4.27.16 JFL Callbacks, Laugh Factory, Hollywood, CA

4.28.16 Pioneer Underground, Reno, NV

4.29.16 Nugget Casino, Carson City, NV

4.30.16 Pioneer Underground, Reno, NV

5.3.16 *TV TAPING, Burbank, CA

5.4.16 Comedy Store, Los Angeles, CA

5.13.16-5.15.16 Laughs Unlimited, Sacramento, CA

5.20.16 Washington Inn, Oakland, CA

5.27.16 *Private Event, Carlsbad, CA

6.3.16 TBA Fundraiser, Oakland, CA

6.7.16-6.12.16 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, Atlanta, GA

6.15.16-6.18.16 Northwest Run

6.23.16 Auburn State Theatre, Auburn, CA

6.24.16 Empress Theatre, Vallejo, CA

6.25.16 Harbor Arts Center, Suisun, CA

6.28.16 Flappers, Burbank, CA 

6.29.16 Westside Theatre, Santa Monica, CA

7.4.16-7.10.16 MGM Grand, Brad Garret's, Las Vegas, NV

7.18.16-7.24.16 Tropicana, Laugh Factory, Las Vegas, NV (CANCELLED)

7.23.16 West Side Stand-up Showdown, Santa Monica, CA

7.30.16 Dare You to Laugh, Bay Area (Venue TBD) 

8.1.16-8.14.16 ROR Comedy, Tokyo, Japan 

8.16.16-8.19.16 Burbank Comedy Festival, Burbank, CA

*8.20.16 Indiana Tech University, Fort Wayne, IN

*8.21.16 Grayson County College, Denison, TX

*9.2.16 Pacific University, Lincoln, OR

9.8.16 Laughs Unlimited

9.9.16 Laughs Under the Stars, Elk Grove, CA

9.11.16 Mother Mary's, Clovis, CA

9.12.16 The Six, Los Angeles, CA

*9.16.16 Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO

9.17.16 LIVE ALBUM RECORDING, Comedy Heights, San Diego, CA

9.23.16 Guitar Roast Battle, Comedy Spot, Sacramento, CA

9.23.16 Comedy Mashup, Comedy Spot, Sacramento, CA

9.24.16 Frank's Place, Fresno, CA

*10.7.16 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ

*10.11.16 University Connecticut, Avery Point

*10.13.16 Missouri State University, Cape Girardeau, MO 

10.14.16 Brentwood Veterans Hall, Brentwood, CA

10.15.16 Santa Cruz Comedy Festival, Santa Cruz, CA

10.16.16 Lakeside Church, Folsom, CA

10.19.16 Flappers Main Room, Burbank, CA

10.20.16 Winery, Los Angeles, CA (TBD)

10.23.16 "Hart of the City" Viewing Party, Toucha Class, Sacramento, CA

10.28.16 Nugget Casino, Carson City, NV

10.28.16 Pioneer Underground, Reno, NV

11.4.16 Flappers, Burbank, CA 

11.6.16 The Golden Hour, IO West, Los Angeles, CA

11.13.16 Festa Lounge, San Francisco, CA

11.14.16-11.20.16 Laugh Factory, Las Vegas, NV

11.29.16 Stand-Up NBC Finals, Improv, Hollywood, CA

*12.1.16 University of Western Michigan, Kalamazoo, MI

12.7.16 Crest Theatre, Sacramento, CA

12.8.16 Valley Country Club, Elk Grove, CA

12.9.16 Sacramento Comedy Spot, Sacramento, CA

12.16.16 Yreka Music Hall, Yreka, CA

12.20.16 Laughs Unlimited, Sacramento, CA

12. 22.16 Ooley Theatre, Sacramento, CA

12.31 Sacramento Punchline, Sacramento, CA

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